Friday, 10 August 2012

So here's how my week went...

I've been in a major funk all week. A painful, miserable, boring funk. I've eaten more than my weight in peanut butter and then get really depressed about eating so much peanut butter that I go straight out to the shop and buy another jar of peanut butter. Total amount of peanut butter consumed this week? Three. Whole. Jars. I'm going to peanut butter hell but boy will I have fun there.

I've had a couple of job interviews this week. Nothing majorly exciting and I'm almost 100% certain that I am 100% guaranteed to not get either one of the jobs. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I talk like this in real life and end up rambling in job interviews before asking the interviewer if they ‘get’ it. They never do. They don’t know what there is to get. Heck, neither do I, but that is yet to actually stop me.

I thought I got over my funk when I realised that I hadn’t actually chipped a tooth (I totally thought I chipped a tooth last week. On a cookie. I didn’t. It was just a real tough cookie with a long history...) but then I realised that I've completely forgotten the password to my Etsy store and therefore can’t sit back and bemoan my complete lack of customers on there. Seriously, I've been making these baskets and baby clothes and bottles and everything for so long now. I think, somewhere along the line, I actually forgot to let people know that I definitely do sell those things. Too late now?

But then I definitely got over my funk by dragging the Lurch to McDonald’s at nearly midnight last night. As we arrived, I finally revealed that my phone and my iPod definitely have names that match their incredibly distinctive personalities. He shook his head. He raised his eyebrows like he normally does when I say something he can’t quite believe. He laughed and agreed that it was definitely the type of thing that I would do.

At McDonald’s, I revelled in the fact that I got to add a different coloured wristband adorned glass to my new obsessive collection of McDonald’s wristband adorned glasses. By the time I actually get round to growing up and moving into my own place, the only glasses I'll have will be the free McDonald’s Coca Cola glasses, but those wristbands are so pretty (only one more colour to get!!)

And then the funk came back, because my internet connection went down for about three hours. I mean, I had an internet connection but it was slower than dial up for three hours. Which meant that I lost three hours of blogging, and cyber stalking, and Google Doodle games.  But the funk is gone again. I think. I lost it somewhere along the way to Jeremy Kyle Town.

Oh, yeah, and its Friday.

Post Script: I've mentioned McDonald’s and peanut butter a lot. A LOT. Surely I deserve some sort of payment from either the makers of peanut butter or the corporate bigwigs at Maccy D’s? You can’t find a promotional machine like me, my friends. Especially when it comes to McDonald’s or peanut butter.

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