Wednesday, 29 August 2012

21 candles...

The Lurch turned 21 yesterday. Unlike me, he's not really into the whole "birthday" thing, so we opted for a low key meal together in Piccadilly Circus (which he banned my camera from) before heading to my mum's house where she greeted him with this...*

...which is probably the greatest thing anyone could have done for him seeing as he loves both Kit Kats and Crispy M&Ms. After he pretty much wrestled my two younger sisters for a slice of cake, we headed home to chill and watch American Dad! Dude, we're so hardcore!

Post Script: Now that he's legal to drink in the US, I've ramped up my "please can we go to New York and San Francisco, please, please, please" pleas. They're falling on deaf ears at the moment.

Oh, unless Wrestlemania 30 is in New York. Because then he's totally agreeing to it. So, powers that be at WWE - get your act together and give me a trip to NYC!

*Yeah, I definitely got the baking bug from my wonderful mother.


  1. That is a ridiculously good looking cake!
    Plus I had a nosy at your article on the end of the feminist era,and I thought it was maybe a little harsh to suggest girls only want fame these days.

  2. Wow, that Kit Kat/M&M thing looks amazing!!! Love it :)


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