Sunday, 12 August 2012

A View from a Bridge (sort of)

Me and the Lurch have this thing where we go on crazy long walks. From Elephant & Castle to Battersea via Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Green Park and Victoria. We'll go out and be out for hours. We've done the Elephant & Castle to Soho walk quite a few times, too. It's fun to do it at night, to see exactly what London has to offer when the lights go out. Sometimes, it's hilarious (drunk guys singing along to Britney Spears on Oxford Street is never going to be a bad thing!) but sometimes it's a bit disheartening (fights, arguments, general nastiness). 

We rarely take walks around my neck of the woods. South West/West London is a lot quieter than Central London. Yes, we still get the sirens and the drunk people, but my little area is built up mainly of high earning professionals or young, middle class families. When I was growing up (a mere 30 seconds from the Thames) I had a playground and park on the river banks. That's since been replaced by apartment and office blocks. Sad, but a sign of the times.

Yesterday, I managed to persuade the Lurch to take a walk around my route. Forget the chaos of Central London and the gazillions of Olympic tourists, and take in the serenity of my neck of the woods...

This creepy little statue can be found next to Battersea Bridge. It's titled something like "Family's Day Out" but their faces are genuinely quite creepy.... As you can tell by the Lurch's face....

Albert Bridge. The greatest bridge in London. Taken from Battersea Bridge. Looks even more amazing at night (I'll prove that to you soon)

This sign has fascinated me for a good few years. The entrance to Chelsea Harbour; this sign introduces the Design Centre held here.

Look at that little face!

Chelsea Harbour

I can see my house from here (sort of)!
View from Chelsea Harbour/Imperial Wharf of my little neck of the woods. My little flat is hidden behind the brown/green tower block.

It's so bizarre seeing the heliport from the Chelsea side of the river.

Route taken: Battersea Riverside - Battersea Bridge - World's End - Lots Road - Chelsea Harbour -  Imperial Wharf - Wandsworth Bridge - Battersea Riverside

How did you spend your weekend?

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