Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ed's Diner

The week between Christmas and New Year's always seems to drag on a bit for me. The months of build up seem to fizzle out and, suddenly, everyone's really quite sad. Desperate to hold on to the festive feeling, I dragged Valentine to the newest eating destination in our local shopping centre, Ed's Diner.

Now, first thing's first: Ed's Diner sits on the spot that was formerly occupied by my beloved Pizza Hut. As we walked up the steps of the centre and towards the doors, I could hear the walls taunting me with a quiet echo: "You're cheating on Pizza Hut!" I admit it - I was distraught. I very nearly cried when Pizza Hut closed. I love me some pizza.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the place looks amazing. It's decked out in full Americana decor, and I'm sure we all know by now how obsessed I am with the great ol' US of A. The mini jukeboxes on the table were a delightful addition and the Elvis soundtrack filled my  heart with immeasurable joy.

They also had proper English mustard! Real, hot, spicy mustard is a must for me
Unfortunately, everything went downhill from there. The staff took ages to acknowledge us, gave us two Cokes when we had ordered two milkshakes, and spent a long time chatting to each other rather than taking anyone's orders. We settled on what we were going to have - for me, it's fairly simple. There's never much of a vegetarian choice available - and waited eagerly for our full plates of food. A burger and fries for each of us, with a side salad for me. We couldn't wait to tuck into the food that Ed's Diner prides itself on. Amazing food! they say. You'll never want to stop coming back! they inform us. Instead, we were given:

Two lonely burgers that, to be completely honest, didn't taste much better than anything on offer at McDonald's. Except this place cost more than triple what McDonald's does. I think it's safe to say we won't be going back. The hunt for London's best vegetarian/hamburger combo continues!

This is one very hungry and unhappy man!

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