Tuesday, 1 January 2013

another year over, a new one just begun

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, we're in a new year. The Mayans were wrong, the Olympic doubters were wrong, and I suddenly wasn't considered an absolute freak for loving my home town so much. Just like this summer, London did me proud last night. Due to a combination of exhaustion and some seasonal sickness, I didn't make it out for any of the many, many celebrations taking place across London last night. But I did force myself awake until  midnight to see the amazing firework display from the London Eye. Even though I didn't manage to replicate the slightly frost bitten fingers of last year, my eyes fell open in sheer awe. I suppose it helps that I could hear the actual fireworks from my ridiculously comfortable bed.

2012 was really good to me. Despite some of the toughest moments of my life so far, I managed to have a good year overall. Partly because:

  • I finished my novel!
  • I turned 21
  • Started my degree (which I may sometimes forget I'm actually doing. Ooops.)
  • I danced and sang whenever I felt like it.
  • I successfully completed my first term of Star Track (love my co-creators and agents and the ever wonderful Eugenie and Kazvare)
  • New friends appeared into my life magically...
  • ...and old friends stayed firmly put.
  • Me and Valentine celebrated two successful years together (god, it feels like a lifetime)
  • I discovered frozen yoghurt. Oh sweetness, I love you.
In 2013 I will...
  • Muster up the confidence to show someone my awful novel.
  • Start (and finish) novels two and three.
  • Attempt to emulate my mum's amazing cooking.
  • Go on beautiful holidays.
  • Keep the Peter Pan complex.
  • Take dance classes again. I've been dreaming of being back en pointe.
  • Finally teach Valentine the perfect arabesque form.
2013, I'm ready.

Oh London, you are so pretty
I've tried to find the proper photo credits but have been stumped so far. As soon as I locate the name of the photographer/photo source, I will give the correct credit.

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