Thursday, 13 December 2012

Even Londoners get the blues

Try as I might, I can't shake these winter blues. This weather is messing with my head (below freezing yet still not snow?) and the fact that it's now pitch black at 4pm (really?!!) doesn't exactly make for magical inspiration. 

It all started with an argument in Specsavers (I so shouldn't have gone there) where the woman insisted that they had given me an appointment to go and collect my obscenely prized glasses. Twenty minutes later, she conceded defeat when I pulled out every bit of Specsavers bedazzled bit of paper that I own. So far, so awful.

It then continued when a fully grown man coughed on me on a train. Seriously, were you never taught to cover your germ infested mouth whenever you feel the urge to cough? Disgusting.

Maybe it's because I'm so desperate for Christmas to hurry up and arrive. Maybe it's because a part of me can't wait for this year to end. I have such big plans for myself in 2013 (nothing major or terribly exciting, but big for me) and can't wait to see them come to life. Maybe it's because 2012 hasn't been the greatest of years for me. All I know is this... Boyfriend needs to bring me some McDonald's tonight otherwise I might just cry.

I've met so many dreadful people over the past few weeks. So much so that it's left me contemplating walking down to the train station and heading far, far away from London. 

I'm sure this is nothing that junk food, ice cream and an amazing book can't fix!

London! You're so lucky you're so pretty

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