Tuesday, 20 November 2012

One Love

My beautiful little sister turned one yesterday.

It was a nice, simple day, full of my beautiful family (who suddenly became very camera shy) and an incredibly animated little lady who has a new favourite word: NO (said in a very broad Northern accent, thanks to her Wigan-born father. Speaking in such a way in a room full of South Londoners led to nothing but hilarity)

Daisy ate far too much of a cupcake (she literally dragged it out of my hand) and confidently swaggered along the floor in nine or ten wobbly steps. Twice. She's getting there.

The excitement of sprinkly cupcakes died down a little bit earlier today, until I hit Oxford Street. I haven't managed to fully walk up and down the road yet (it's a blooming long road) but I did manage to grab a quick picture of the lights outside Bond Street station, complete with the Debenhams lights in the background and little flecks of the fake snow coming from Boots.

It's been such a magical week thus far...

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