Friday, 2 November 2012

{Christmas 2012} starting to plan!

It's time to think about Christmas. Yes! It is! Seven weeks to go! I know no one wants to talk about it but Halloween is finally out of the way, the Argos Christmas gift guide is out(!) and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the Coca Cola advert comes on - which is when everyone knows it's Christmas time!

I am officially obsessed with Christmas, and I count down all year to the time I can start publicly talking about it. Since there are only seven (seven!) weeks to go, I've decided that time... is now.

I like to call it 'Tinsilitis'
A seasonal fever that takes over my life every November and December. I squeal at the Christmas adverts. I hoard Christmas catalogues. I have a (not so) secret stash of cards, wrapping paper and candy canes.

It's sort of like a sickness. I have Christmas Fever.

But I love it so freaking much.

My Christmas plans start taking shape around September, but it's the first week of November when I truly crank things up a  notch. The first week of November is all about my planning (since I am a list geek). My current pile of lists include:

  • main to-do list
  • present buying list
  • separate page for each person, their wish list, and what I'm buying for them
  • Christmas events list (Winter Wonderland anyone?)
  • The Budget! My Christmas budget is far more interesting and sparkly than the Chancellor's so is therefore a million miles better. Fact.
  • Christmas-themed baking ideas
  • ideas for stocking fillers
I know... I just sucked all the fun out of Christmas. At least, that's what you're thinking if you're Valentine and only believe in Christmas present shopping on Christmas Eve. Before dumping everything on my bedroom floor and saying "do you wanna wrap those for me, Aim? You do it so much better than I do." So the rest of you should totally be thinking "Wow, Amy. So super organised and not in the slightest bit insane."

From next week, I'll be posting Christmas gift ideas, Christmas baking(!) and the absolutely adorable elf outfit I'll be buying for Daisy that she absolutely will be wearing no matter what my mum says.

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