Wednesday, 14 November 2012

{christmas 2012} presents!

Valentine says someone's getting ahead of herself.
My mother says someone is a little bit too obsessed with Christmas.
My sister says someone is putting her complete lack of preparation to shame.

I say... The Coca Cola advert came on television the other night, which means it's now definitely okay to talk about Christmas!

I admit, I'm completely obnoxious and irritating and awful about Christmas. I may have driven Valentine to the point of distraction (or homicide) last week when I insisted that he sit down and write me a list of perfectly perfect Christmas presents for his nieces and nephews before completely disregarding the list (seriously, it was awful) and then just dragging him out to buy the presents. Don't worry, we both agreed on the finalised gifts. But there was some kicking and screaming on the way out...

But it wasn't enough for me to just buy the presents.

I had planned to hide them away somewhere in my house, far away from prying eyes.

There just isn't anywhere in my house that can't be accessed by prying eyes.

So armed with three different types of wrapping paper, unnecessarily beautiful pens (unnecessary because practically no one reads my well-thought out gift tags) and enough sticky tape to straighten out the leaning tower of Pisa, I got cracking with the wrapping!

I now can't move anywhere in my bedroom properly. The fear of a pile of presents cascading down from their not-so-safe resting places and burying me beneath shimmery, shiny, perfectly patterned paper has stopped me from even admiring my handiwork. But who needs to turn around anyway?

I seriously can't wait for Christmas!

In other news: The Oxford Street Christmas Lights are on! I shall post a few of my favourites soon!

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