Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spark + Mettle

Today, I was fortunate enough to be invited along to an assessment day with the wonderful people at Spark and Mettle for their Star Track programme. It was an unusual day - the mere word 'assessment' had me fearing all sorts of grillings - but it was surprisingly engaging and productive.

I've been struggling all day to remember where I first heard about the programme, and I can't pin down the exact details, but I'm sure it was on Twitter somewhere (since I am always on Twitter). I wasn't fully prepared to apply, fearing that it would be an absolute waste of time - but I did, and I'm so glad I did.

The programme was created to help less privileged young people figure out their dream career. The team - who are called agents (yes, they're that awesome) - act as mentors to the young people, to help them map and launch their ideal future. They're big on flourishing and developing young people and all of it just seemed so exciting to me.

The assessment day filled me with dread - and didn't get off to a great start when I got stuck on a bus in Westminster for half an hour, mentally planning ways to ruin the day of the people who closed Lambeth Bridge - but the team managed to shake off my fears almost instantly. There was a quick "speed networking" activity, which was followed by a group activity, and then one-to-one interviews, and personal pitches. Oh, and tons of free flavoured water. Anyone who gives me free flavoured water is an absolute rockstar.

It seems like an insane amount to fit into four hours, but the day flowed naturally. I met some incredibly innovative and inspiring people and if this is as far as my involvement goes with the programme then I'm glad I was able to meet such an awesome group of people. I also realised I'm not totally awful at public speaking (but boy is there work still to be done there!) so that's one great big massive bonus.

I have absolutely no photos of today (sorry!) but here is the amazing logo for you to daydream at.

(C) Spark + Mettle
More information about Star Track can be found here and the Spark + Mettle info is all contained here.

I honestly cannot recommend this amazing programme more. They truly do have something to fit everyone. Check it out!


  1. Here here! I'm also so glad I had the opportunity to take part today and it was really great to meet you. You are equally as inspiring! Well done for getting though the 'assessment' day :) good luck!

    1. Thanks Jessie! It was really lovely to meet you and your passion is awesome! Well done for surviving the 'assessment' day and I wish you nothing but great luck!