Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sisterly Love

For the first two years of my life, I was a happy little only child. Merrily singing along to Funny Girl and playing with my dog without a care in the world. Then, aged two years and eight months (we must be precise) my whole world was turned upside down. I became a big sister.

Suddenly, I found myself feeling like an adult. An actual, real-life adult. Except I was two and barely knew what a baby was, never mind knowing what an adult did or felt like. But there I was, ready to be the best big sister in the world.

Me and Ruby (yes, she's had that name for 18 years. Long before the hipsters jumped on it) were very close as kids. We've influenced each other quite a bit (I've found myself drawn to sketching, which is her thing, and she's found herself drawn increasingly to ballet, which is my thing) and annoyed each other countless times.

Growing up as a big sister has definitely moulded my personality: I'm a forceful, domineering individual who is also fiercely protective and determined to ensure no one hurts my baby sister. I received a further boost to my Best Big Sister pride last November, when my mother crazily gifted the family with this...

Daisy is an amazing addition to the family. It's quite interesting to see how her personality is being moulded by her big sisters (she's loud, dramatic, and incredibly vain. At ten months old!) and I look forward to seeing her grow into her own person. 

It's huge fun and hard work being a big sister. I'm nowhere near ready to be a mum, but I'll never get bored of being a big sister.

And seriously, don't I just have two insanely beautiful little sisters?!

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