Sunday, 21 October 2012


There's not much purpose to this post, except that I love this photo of me and my Valentine. 
It's currently decorating the edge of my mirror, along with a few other photos of us.

It was taken on New Year's Eve last year as we stood freezing on Westminster Bridge waiting for the fireworks. We'd spent a good twenty minutes talking to a family of American tourists who were absolutely amazed by how happy everyone seemed that night. Our friends, who are infinitely cooler than us, turned down our pleas to stand next to the London Eye for seven hours and went off to some swanky West End club instead. But I'm glad... we got to take so many silly photos of the two of us and started a Thriller sing-a-long.

It's only October, but this photo has made me so excited for Christmas already. My lists are written, recipes have been remembered, and I'm discovering loads of weird foreign stuff for my weird foreign Grandad.
My Grandad really is the greatest man on Earth.

I love my Valentine and my family. And memories.

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